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We Work For You


Find the Van of your Dreams

The Van Gurus work personally with and for you, completely on your behalf saving you valuable time, hassle and money! As your representative, we do the legwork to get you the camper van you desire. We help you narrow down the vehicle market to suit your specific needs and budget, help you navigate pros and cons, risks and benefits of various manufacturers, engines, build options, years, models, price and value. We then work directly with dealers and private sellers to determine inventory, price, build options, and more. By helping you avoid all the salespeople hassles we eliminate the stress of deceitful sales tricks, and the annoying non stop calls and texts from the salespeople that never end.   You know the calls, emails, texts more calls and follow-ups? Not your responsibility when using Van Gurus. We do it all for you!


Taking you through the purchase procedure to get your perfect van

In addition to the services provided in our Locator package, the Full Service Package includes all seller contact, arrangement of pre-purchase inspection, price negotiation, arrangement of transport, and how to insure your van for its correct value. In short, all the details that occur in the purchase phase of the van buying process , plus a whole lot more!


Private Party Sell Your Vehicle

We market your vehicle -whether van, truck, car or whatever- online and sell it private party which puts more cash in your pocket than trading in.
We field the calls from prospective buyers saving you time and headaches.
We'll schedule with you when serious buyers want to look at the vehicle or make arrangements specific to your situation that best serves your needs.
We'll advise you on every step to make all aspects of the transaction smooth and easy.
We take the hassle out of selling private party so you can keep more money in your pocket.
Flat fee

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